Since 2005, our Investor Relations Department has been dedicated to ensuring that all our Shareholders requests are met in a professional and efficient manner.

Our dividend distribution methodology is in line with the best practice and latest technology services from banks to ensure a hassle free and timely distribution of dividends across bank branches within Palestine and abroad.

We protect the rights of our shareholders at the Company and any uncollected dividends will be kept as a reserve to be paid out to shareholders upon their request, following set rules and regulations.


PEC has devoted a considerable amount of its resources in making sure we are always up to par with our IT standards and applications internally and externally.

The company’s IT department tries to apply latest technologies and applications in all the departments which facilitates the work and makes the reports more accessible at any time. Accordingly, most of the company’s services have been computerized to minimize paper work, thereby protecting the ecosystem.

The IT department regularly updates and enhances several facilities for GPGC management and staff for better controlling and monitoring. The department initiates technology enhancement projects such as: work permit system, safety module, security modules, procurement and warehousing modules.