Our primary goal is to maintain the power plant readily available to generate electricity at highest efficiency rates and lowest production costs, so as to mitigate the energy problem. Our technical teams has successfully accomplished important achievements in 2019, summarized as follows:

  • Power Output

This year the power plant marked the highest availability and energy production output due to the stability of fuel supply and the readiness of the plant to generate at full load capacity with high efficiency.

  • Fuel Supply

During 2019, contrary to chronic shortage of fuel supplied to the power plant during the past years, the fuel quantity supplied were almost tripled which were enough to operate 3 units most of the times.

  • Fuel storage

 Collaborative efforts among related parties were successful in increasing fuel storage capacity by installation of two new tanks at a total capacity of 2 million liters.

  • Maintenance Costs

In line with the strategic decision to reduce reliance on single supplier for maintenance service and spare parts, the Company managed to cut maintenance cost by engaging reputable international firms, which are now working alongside with our local team to implement major maintenance programs.

  • Periodic maintenance

Our experienced technical team continued to carry out the periodic necessary maintenance works  to maintain the power plant equipment's and ensure its readiness to generate power on regular basis at any time.

  • Asset Insurance

The Company’s capital assets are now reinsured. This course of action has been made following recommendations presented by the insurance inspector, who carried out a comprehensive assessment to all the power plant facilities.

  • Developing New Tools

The Company has achieved a quality system transformation in its preventive maintenance by launching Thermal Scan Program. This service is essential for all major equipment since it provide early fault detection along with immediate corrective action recommendation.

Despite the continuing challenges that the company faces due to closures and restrictions on entry of materials and equipment to Gaza, the Company will exert all efforts to execute its future plans during the year 2020, which are summarized as follows:

  • Major Maintenance Plans

Carry out major maintenance activities for the steam and gas turbines as per approved maintenance plans and schedules.

  • Construction of Fuel Storage Tanks

Construction works of a 10 million litter's new tank is ongoing, Whereas, GPGC is collaborating with PENRA, among other entities of concern, to secure the implementation works according to the technical and safety specifications that ensures the utmost utilization, whilst minimizing the effect of uncertainties of fuel supplies.

  • Conversion of Power Plant to operate with Natural Gas

The Company is currently working with the plant manufacturer and other international companies to complete all technical aspects required for conversion of the power plant to operate with natural gas once it becomes available.